Biba; One Island 879 Votes

It's the fall of 2007, and there's a storm brewing on the tiny island of Tinian. The powerful Mayor Jose P. San Nicolas has been building a mighty alliance of families to ensure his son, Henry, will run unopposed in the upcoming elections. He has leveraged his control over the island's funds to buy votes with valuable government jobs. But Trenton Conner and the Dela Cruz clan have decided that the time has come for new leadership on the island. They are counting on a bad economy, and an incompetent administration, to help gather enough disaffected families to topple the San Nicolas clan.

BIBA! follows Trenton and Henry in their battle for control over the island, documenting a unique mixture of traditional clan culture and western democracy. We witness the rallies and the debates, as well as the private family meetings where tactics and alliances are discussed. Along the way we learn about Tinian's historic and geopolitical significance, being the launch point for the Enola Gay in World War II and presently the home of the Voice of America broadcasting towers, sending pro-democracy propaganda into China and North Korea. 

Can Trenton bring change to the island of Tinian, or is the clan-tocracy that has evolved there too ingrained? What does his story tell us about our own democracy, and our approach to the rest of the world? By shining a light on this seemingly insignificant election, BIBA! paints an honest and realistic picture of the institution known as Democracy.